Captain's Log

Captain's Log: Edna Ironsides
Dead Horse (Hurricane-Class Battlecruiser)
High Orbit over Huola III

It would appear in recent days that the Amarr/Caldari coalition have finally got their panties above their ankles again, and reclaimed space from the Gallente and Minmatar. A handful of star systems occupied by Matari forces have finally been reclaimed by the Amarr, including Raa and Sifiliar, and would seem to indicate that the Amarr are in fact capable of organising themselves once in a blue moon. Huola, however, remains comfortably in Matari hands (it helps that we have a bunch of keeners who live to de-contest the system). Along the Caldari/Gallente front, 6 Caldari star systems that have long been held by Gallente forces were finally reclaimed and the Gallente system of Oicx (you try and figure out how it should be pronounced), was captured by the Caldari. Meanwhile, efforts by Wolfsbrigade to have a POS in the Kourmonen star system resulted in a resounding roflstomp of said POS, much to the chagrin of ranking members of the Amarrian forces. I suspect that we may see a degree of persistance from the Amarr, what with their POS build and system recapturing, but sceptics within the ranks of the Late Nite Alliance, and the Matari militia generally, find this doubtful over the long-term. It may, in the very least, be a continued source of good battles and mangled bits of golden armour floating through space.

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