Brace Yourselves, the Inferno is Coming

I notice that many, many others within the Eve blogosphere are chattering away about the changes that this summer's Inferno release will bring to the game, most relevantly in my case the long overdue changes to the mechanics of faction warfare. At this time, incredibly little is actually known for certain, but this hasn't stopped people from speculating like a bunch of American stock exchange workers and extrapolating all kinds of things from supposed "certain" additions that will be added.

I for one, could care less.

This isn't to simply say that any changes that occur won't be important and may significantly influence my life as a militia pilot. However, my choice to fight for the Republic was never predicated on the ease or excitement of the mechanics of the game concept - I that were so, I may have disregarded FW altogether for being so mundane, archaic, and utterly pointless. No, for me, I play where I do, because, in a way I never experienced anywhere else I've been in Eve, there is a sense of real community of players here in faction warfare. They're not simply a bunch of guys driven by a plan or ideology (which I found to be rife throughout 0.0 space), or the fapping around and sheer impotence of high-sec players. These are people that have relationships that are vibrant, dynamic, and often transcend the boundaries of the militias themselves. There are real, interesting personalities at work in this part of Eve, that make it exciting and fun to log on, if for no other reason to hear what everyone's up to. With this, in commemoration of my 4th month of being in the Matari Militia, I would like to briefly talk about the people that made my time here splendid, fun, and just outright awesome in a way only internet spaceships can be:

Name: Lokarios
Lok is probably one of the most crass, bullshitting, half-assed people I know in Eve. He was in fact the man who hired me in the militia in the beginning. I don't like his politics, and often his attitude, but I can count on Lok to be straight-shooting (pun intended), upfront, and wise when it really counts.

Name: Djan Shilde
Our Great White Chief. Djan is always on, always up to something, and always mumbling something incoherent on voice comms. He is laid back, knows his shit, and takes everything as it comes. He is the old soul, the one who's seen everything, and probably knows how each and everyone one of us ended up here.

Name: Fateamendabletochange
Fate is cool. He bum-rushes around, making a jolly mess of enemies' days, has absolutely zero fear, and is just an all-around great guy. Fate is the kind of guy who is always fun to have a chat with, fly with, or anything else for that matter.

:Name: Darc Kaahar
This man gives no fucks, whatsoever. He pirates, pillages, and it is probably one of the most prolific trolls I know in-game. For him, the ends always seem to justify the means, and he just does Eve without inhibition or hesitation.

Name: SigmaPi
The great man with the great heart. This man knows his eve logistics. If you want to know if it works, how it works, can it work, or whether you should even try it, Siggy is the man. He's probably been playing even longer than Djan, and is another old soul. For all intents, a master of internet spaceships

Name: Voi Lutois
The fittings master. This man knows his ships. He's got a fit and flying style for every conceivable occasion. While not necessarily an FC, Voi is an invaluable addition to any fleet, and is downright deadly if you're 1v1 with him. Always friendly, always helpful, and always positive!

There are of course legions of others that I value in my life in Eve. The above are just some that tend to stand out in my mind. You're all terrific, keep flying!

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