Thorax: If I get to zero I'll melt your face

Blasters are not the easiest weapons to use.

For one in an age of Eve, where kiting and sniping are quite popular, getting within effective range is a serious struggle. Once you get within that range, blaster dps is almost unsurpassed, but with so many ships being a lot faster than you, the big issue is always a matter of closing range.

The Thorax, at least for as long as I've been playing Eve (circa Jan. 2010) has been the icon of blaster-style combat. With a rack of 5 blasters, and the trinity of a MWD, web and scram or disruptor to lock down it's enemy, the principles of fighting are very simple. Burn down the target, lock it down and melt it. Any kind of variation in fit tends to only appear in the low slots of the ship, wherever different people have varying opinions about the balance of tank vs. damage mods, which should be considered depending on the nature of the fight you seek. In my opinion, it is primarily affected by how suicidal the pilot feels, as the very nature of his/her fighting style dictates that somebody is going to lose a ship, and ideally it should be the enemy. In perhaps a counterintutive move, I am of the thinking that when going out with a fleet, (as opposed to solo or small gang), more tank is better as there are likely to be larger engagements with more damage flying around, and the Thorax's capacity of as a heavy tackler overtakes its capabilities as a damage dealer (unless ofc the Thorax is the biggest ship, unlikely, in which case use even more tank as you'll be called primary).

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