My first FRAP video: Flying with Heretics

In my last blog post I wrote about wanting to try out videos for the blog. With some help and advice from others (and thank you for the encouragement Druur), I dusted off FRAPS, which had been sitting largely unused in the back of my hard drive, and went out looking for something to film. As it happens, I have some old friends who I knew when I was back learning the ropes back in Faction Warfare, most of whom have since abandoned FW properly for the sweet pleasure of low-sec piracy, and many of them have joined the infamous Heretics, the piratical lords of Amamake. Anyhow, started talking to them and ended up joining a gate camp of the Osoggur gate in Amamake. Sadly, I had RL issues to attend to, so I was unable to stay around for a real fight, but it did allow me to practice on camera angles, zoom and sound. Below is a small clip of my time with the Heretics, on their favourite gate in New Eden.


The quality is obviously crap. I am still learning how to use fraps and will hopefully be able to produce something more graphically interesting. In all though, there wasn't much to see anyway, just some pretty good witty gate camping banter. Overall, I'm showing this more as a proof of concept, that Ed can make movies on this blog.

Thanks to the Irish for inviting me out, maybe next time I'll actually capture some combat to show what great PvPers most of them are.

Signing off,


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