First Post

Hello, I'm Special Ed (known in-game as Edna Ironsides), and this is my blog of adventures in the internet spaceship fracas that is EVE Online.

As of the beginning of 2012, I've enlisted in the ranks of the Almost Epic Corporation, fighting in faction warfare on the side of the Minmatar Republic. I came here from null-sec space, wishing to learn to PvP properly and finding myself out of my depth in fighting over sovereign space. So far results, if you were to ask anyone in FW, are mixed, as while my killboard ratings have risen dramatically, I am still at the stage, as one Djan Shilde would say, of "blowing up a few Rifters."

My penchant for losing Rifters, coupled with my presence on voice comms, may have been causal factors in my name being prefixed by the word "special."

Recently, Almost Epic's mother corporation, Valkyr Industries, joined a shiny new Minmatar faction warfare alliance, the Late Nite Alliance®, which combines the best and brightest that the duct-tape fleets of the Matari have to offer. The infamous Pel Ukken has even started his own blog/news site: http://latenitealliance.tumblr.com/, in recognition of this new conurbation of internet spaceship pilots. One of the alliance's first acts was to seize the Huola Star System from the Amarr, and lord it over the usually oversized, overpowered, underorganised fleets that the Amarr usually show up with. Plus it gives the Amarrian carebears something to do, pitiously trying to contest the system, although while they have been fixated on this, the Amarr have proceeded to lose the systems of Arzad, Ezzara, Sifilar, Tararan and finally Dal, which had been in Amarrian hands for some time previously. Despite their superior numbers and fire-power, it would appear that the Amarr of late have been losing the war against us (though the significance of that could easily be tossed out the window as meaningless, with the broken mechanics of faction warfare), though for how long this will continue is unclear.

Signing off,