He's baaack...

To my random and irregular readership, I have returned. In real life, I recently moved into a new apartment, and have been deprived of my internet for almost the last two weeks, which is an intense experience for someone who games a fair bit.

I was greeted by finding the Amarr had managed to reclaim 19 systems, though Nulli Secunda has gone and it looks like their comeback is to be short-lived. Even now, Kamela has fallen, and the opinion seems to be that the once proud Wolfsbrigade have given up the cause and looked to destroying the Amarrian militia. Fweddit, the burgeoning power of the Amarr, gone.

What the hell happened?


Report from the Docking Ring

Captain's Log: Edna Ironsides
Angel of Death (Omen-Class Cruiser)
Outside docking ring of Republic Justice Department Tribunal, in orbit around the 17th moon of Dal IV

The war zone isn't what it used to be.

It's not a complaint, but it is perhaps an apology. Before Inferno, and indeed when I joined the militia war, there was something approaching an established way of doing things around here. This applied to both the Amarr and the Minmatar sides. While things perhaps were lethargic at best with regards to the progression of the war (and I will be among the first to admit the mechanics were broken), each side could be trusted to do a few things well and a fair bit of good tactical combat could be counted on to happen on a regular basis. The veteran corps functioned with a degree of harmony that ensured that fights would be had and ships would be lost.

All that died with the fiery new Inferno.

Suddenly, the forgotten war of Eve was reinvigorated and rocked by the long needed, but perhaps not entirely expected, changes to the war zone. Suddenly, we found ourselves besieged by outside forces as the long arms of the null-sec alliances reached out and meddled in our affairs, the forgotten warriors of the factions. As well, most particularly for the Minmatar, we found ourselves inundated by new pilots and corporations rushing to join the cause, many of whom up until that point had never before fired an autocannon at a fellow capsuleer (and many that still seemingly can't manage it), but were eager to make a rush for the rolls of isk to be had from the new complex system. The whining of Susan Black reached a fever pitch. Veterans suddenly were able to reach new levels of bitterness as their established harmony was broken in by these wanton forces, and the balance of power of the war between the Amarr and Minmatar (and I suppose the other two as well) was irrevocably up-heaved.

So here we are, scrambling, amidst a brave, new war zone, to find a new bearing, to accomodate and internalise our new reality. I would hope that when the dust settles, while I imagine that fighting will be a great deal more vicious and war zone control more tenuous, that each side can come to understanding as to how this war will be fought.

Signing off,