Report from the Docking Ring: July 2013

(I took forever to write this, so I appreciate that I will be posting in August)

Captain's Log: Edna Ironsides
Aboard Seventh Wind (Rifter-Class Frigate)
Outside docking ring of Expert Distribution Warehouse in orbit over Amamake II, in the region of Heimatar

After a few months of being in 0.0, I have come to the conclusion that I do not really belong in null. I have become significantly space rich, and by all means it was a good experience, and is not a reflection of negative experiences I've had in null before now. This said, the corner of space I've been living in (which I will not identify for security reasons, although I can say my alliance left Immensea for security reasons) has been largely quiet, and found myself yearning for the hustle of low-sec, where I learned how to be a pirate, how to PvP, and where many of my most enduring friends in this game live. So it is with some reluctance (Cadre has been a wonderful corporation; professional, fun and reliable) that I've been packing up my things setting my sights once more for my spiritual home of Amamake, where I lost my first ever ship in a PvP scenario. It perhaps took this trip to null to realise that I am a pirate and small-gang PvPer, and that there is in fact a place for me in the 7500 odd star systems of New Eden.

Somewhat paradoxically to the above, I have also found that I really love big ships. Battlecruisers, Battleships and Capital fights will always see me as the first volunteer. This leads to the rather amusing conflict, as anything bigger than a battlecruiser is rather unwieldy in low-sec, where frigates and cruisers generally rule. It will remain to be seen how things go with regard to this.

I have pulled out of Cadre, and am now a member of the infamous Heretics. For those of you who do not know that name, it is the name associated with the numerous deaths of all capsuleers on the infamous Osoggur gate in Amamake. They are a lovely bunch of people, sprinkled with several old faces from my days in FW.

Sigining off,