Report from the Docking Ring: October 2013

Captain's Log: Edna Ironsides
Aboard BFAS Malcolm Reynolds (Incursus-Class Frigate)
Above the docking ring of Duvolle Laboratories Warehouse, in orbit over the 19th moon of Heydieles IV

 Baby Steps

The story so far: I left The Gaping Maw and joined the extremely young corporation Black Flag Acquisitions [BFAQ]. In hindsight, I'm not really entirely sure why I did this: I needed to reinvigorate my gamplay, I wanted to try something that was outside of my range of activity previous too now, and maybe perhaps, I was getting a little tired of always being the least experienced and responsible member of the corp - I wanted to be be responsible for something. Well, I got my wish. In roughly the month I've been with BFA, I have found myself as their quartermaster, FC, and general advisor on everything from ship fittings to wormholes (which I don't even know a tremendous amount about). The best part is, I actually enjoy it. Admittedly, being told about every little detail of people's fitting, shopping and PvE activities can be a little testing, it is more than made up for when I can provide something to enhance the gameplay of the younger players. That, for what it is worth, on some days entirely makes this game worth playing, and makes me happy as the persona of Edna Ironsides.