Daily Schedule for a Low-Sec Eve Pilot


Introducing Cadre


To begin with, I haven't been writing much on here because my real life has been interfering a great deal with my Eve playing, and also I have discovered DayZ, which makes a most excellent distraction from internet spaceships.

I'm back now though, and I've found myself a new home.

As noted earlier on this blog, my corp Reckless Brilliance, was never really planned as a long-term project, simply a stop on my way to finding a new corp that I could fit in with and continue to rolling with the fun times of Eve. It would seem now that my search is over.

Cadre Assault Force (CFOR) is not your standard FW corp, for one thing, although according to history it has been with the Minmatar Militia previously, it would appear to have been roaming the wilds of 0.0 for some time, and has made its way back to the militia for the isk and rather more unstructured PvPing. It becomes apparent from the discipline of its more senior members that it has been used to the more rigid rules of fleet doctrines and the kind of tight manoeuvring that only life in null-sec really commands, and I'm at the stage of my Eve play where I'm actually beginning to find that a bit more attractive than the madness that pervades most militia warfare. That said, there is little serious internet spaceships here. Everyone just wants to have fun.