Quartermaster's Report - December 2013

Gentlemen of Black Flag,

As we roll along into the colder months of this year, it was determined by the corporation's executive officers that we issue regular communiqu├ęs to all our members to clarify and guide us along toward the goals common to the capsuleers of Black Flag.

While there are many things that need to be discussed and clarified, there are a few key issues that must be known at this time. The first of these is the mission of this corporation. We are, first and foremost, a PvP corporation. It is the basis on which this organisation was founded and the basis of our gameplay. We are together here to kill, pillage, destroy and loot anyone that is neither corp-mate nor friend. We maintain a strict “Not Blue? Shoot It” (NBSI) protocol in all space. Ultimately, how you produce ISK to support your PvP activity is your own business, and it is expected you take responsibility for making your own money.

Second, while Black Flag's numbers have been growing steadily over the last couple of months, we would ideally like more manpower, so as to enable a greater range of combat options. We encourage those amongst you who understand how this corporation operates to, inasmuch as possible, be open and inviting to others into joining us. This can be done through befriending, trawling recruitment channels, or, and this is my personal favourite, inviting pilots who you have recently killed or destroyed the property of. The executive will look favourably upon those who are able to bring others into our fold, be it through a monetary reward or expanded powers within the corporation.

Third, and finally, the corporation's executive are instituting a codification of some basic rules of engagement, in order to maintain, amongst this gang of soldiers, pirates, thieves and trolls, a modicum of decorum and respectability:

1) Henceforth, ALL RANSOMS MUST BE HONOURED. This includes pod and ship hostage taking, and covers both ISK ransoms as well as singing ransoms. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the latter practice, upon taking hostage of a pod, you may demand the victim sing a song as payment for you letting them go. Normally, you invite them either onto comms or Eve-voice, and you request they sing. You may request that they sing a particular song, with or without musical accompaniment, although you may find it easier that they sing a song that they know the words to. Pilots found not honouring ransoms will receive disciplinary action from the CEO or me. Repeat offenders will find themselves looking for a new home.

2) SCAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED. And by this, we mean that no one may undertake the activity of scamming under the Black Flag name. Feel free to do this on alts, but do not discuss this with others in the corporation. The result of anyone found scamming as a member of Black Flag, or found gloating about scams in chat or comms, will find themselves looking for a new home.

3) HARASSMENT IS NOT OKAY. While this corporation's membership has many a troll in it, and trolling local, chat channels and other people’s comms is acceptable activity, there comes a point when it stops being trolling and becomes malicious and harassing. Public and private messages sent to other players of Eve that are mean-spirited, and/or are racially or sexually motivated are NOT acceptable. Henceforth, any Black Flag member found to be sending messages deemed to be harassment will not only find themselves looking for a new home, they will have earned -10.0 status from this corporation for the rest of their EVE life.

So go out, have fun, fly dangerously, take risks. At the same time, have a little respect while flying with Black Flag. As a final note, anyone who needs help engaging fitting, flying, or any other part of gameplay, feel free to chat or mail myself or any member of the Black Flag executive for advice. We are here to help.

Yours sincerely,

Edna Ironsides
BFAQ Quartermaster