Report from the Docking Ring: October 2012

Captain's Log of Edna Ironsides
Aboard CS Gatekeeper (Harbinger-Class Battlecruiser)
Outside docking ring of TransStellar Shipping Storage, in orbit above the 11th moon of Sagain VIII

The day has come. After weeks of preparation and squeezing the last dregs of LP from faction warfare, I, along with my corp, are leaving our home in Dal for the frontier of Stain.

The run-up to our move has been a dramatic and often hilarious series of events. Our last Tier 5 push involved us all running around like headless chickens trying to get everything onto market and make all the ISK needed to move our resources south. It would seem that we've left a good mark on the war zone, as we are aware that some Amarr corps are under standing orders not to engage us in space. Meanwhile, after some time and effort on the part of Stoogie and the directors to negotiate with our new neighbours has largely failed, as it would appear we'll be dropping in hot on everyone.

They will probably live to regret that attitude.

Jump freighters have been mobilising a staggering number of ships and weapons down, and we fully intend to clear out the carebearing riff-raff. The last week has been characterised by watching the freighters come and go as a collection of us gate camp here in Sagain and generally make life unpleasant for the locals. Already bubbles and gamps are up in Stain, although rather anti-climatically, Carrion made himself the first casualty of our endeavour in this Drake. Hopefully though, the rest of the alliance can resist this rather embarrassing kind of behaviour, at least to begin with.

With some work, we hope to have established ourselves as terrible nuisance in Stain by the end of November.


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