New template for all corporate stationary

To whom it may concern,

If you have received this letter from a member of Cadre Assault Force (CFOR) corporate staff, it is mostly likely because you have recently suffered destruction of your property and/or your person at the hands of one or more of the members of CFOR. If this is not the case, please disregard the rest of this letter as it does not pertain to you.

CFOR prides itself in making lives miserable for people we don't like, people we look down on, people we've been told to shoot, and people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We work hard to bring you the most professional, carefully conceived and most fun PvP available in the New Eden star cluster. Despite this, there is a good chance that any serious damage we did inflict upon your aforementioned property or person was likely purely blind luck, or even possibly we did not intend to damage your property or person but managed to blunder our way through anyway.

CFOR, unless otherwise stated, maintains strict "Not Blue, Shoot It" (NBSI) policy when it comes to our interactions with the other denizens of New Eden. We constitute a highly skilled menagerie of capsuleer pilots who specialise in a variety of activities, from capital ship warfare, piracy, mercenary work, bubbling, trolling, high security ganking, and miner podding to diplomatic negotiating, logistics, and politically incorrect harassment. If you in the future you require aid in any of these endeavours, please send us a query, and we will contemplate it over beer.

If you are interested in abandoning whatever furtive activity your are currently engaged in and wish to join CFOR, please contact our CEO, Stoogie, or one of our diplomats.


Edna "Special Ed" Ironsides
Team 'Murica
Cadre Assault Force