The Blunder of Pandemic Legion OR How to lose an Erebus to a bunch of faction warfare noobs

The Erebus in Question

It finally happened.

I suppose I must start at the beginning. As of late (the last two weeks, more or less), the mighty Pandemic Legion alliance, for reasons unclear and largely chalked up to boredom in their little home in 0.0 space, decided it was in their best interests to take a field trip and squat in our faction warfare space, and when I mean our, I mean they have proven to an irritation for both Amarr and Matari forces in the area. They have a certain predilection for sitting around in very expensive, powerful ships, shooting what they can but generally being blue-balled by the residents of the area, as they are even more overbearing than the Amarrians. You may recall from an earlier post the loss of my Rupture to a gatecamp of Titans - same guys. Anyway, being as out-of-place as they were here, it was really only a matter of time before they'd do something so stupid it would be trolled upon by everyone in Eve. Thus, the aforementioned Erebus. In giving due credit, it was almost entirely pulled off by the Amarr, and mostly the Wolfsbrigade Corporation at that. Us Minmatar were too occupied with rolling about in fits of laughter to consider sending ships of our own. This might indeed by the first time in living memory when Wolfsbrigade's firepower and numbers, widely considered outsized for faction warfare, came into its own and presented them with a fun challenge. PL, in their infinite wisdom, had camped the Osoggur/Amamake gate, infamous for its gatecamps, in an array of capital and large ships. What went down next seems to be pretty straightforward. The faction warfare group pounced on the camp with their own array of carriers and dreadnoughts.

Battle ensued...

By the end, PL had managed to lose the 70 billion ISK Erebus, as well as 4 carriers and a Pilgrim, totally a whopping 133 billion ISK. Despite having lost many more ships, including over three dozen capital ships, the fw fleets losses were only 2/3's that of Pandemic Legion's. Looting, as well as raging and massive flaming in local chat ensued. The true victory though, in my humble opinion, was that a legendary alliance like Pandemic Legion could be brought low by a pile of riff-raff in faction warfare space (however well-equipped that riff-raff might have been). It is hoped, with the loss of a ship costing more than $2500 USD, that the otherwise venerable Pandemic Legion will consider carefully about whose space it chooses to encroach on.

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