The Empire Strikes Back... wait no, they're gonna stay docked up.

Captain's Log: Edna Ironsides
Riptide (Vexor-Class Cruiser)
Docked, Ishukone Corporation Factory in orbit over Huola X

The Amarr are weak.

For once, I'm not saying that simply because I have a special place in my heart for putting them down. For once, I say this in an almost lamentable tone. The Amarr, over the past couple of weeks, have been noticeably feeble. Their numbers in local are dwindling, engagements and fleet sightings are down, and generally there has been very little PvP in and around my home in Huola. There were two instances of late that particularly accentuate this point. The first was on a recent fleet outing in which I was exercising my Vexor, a ship that I feel is under-appreciated in my line of work, and have recently felt deserves some more recognition (but I'll save that for another post).

Anyway, under the expert guidance of the mighty Fateamendabletochange, we undocked and roamed throughout enemy space in search of a fight, and found absolutely nothing, except a particularly underfit Brutix. This however became most poignant when we decided to camp a complex in the Kamela system, a known home base for Wolfsbrigade and other Amarrian foes. Fate, along with most of the fleet, were convinced that doing something as rash as this would almost certainly get us a fight (and probably get us blobbed by a disproportionate amount of Amarrian firepower). But we were so bored and are ships so cheap that we decided to risk it. However, despite our pleadings, hassling, and trolling in local, and despite being outnumbered in system at least 2:1, not one Amarrian showed up, or even made an appearance on d-scan. In the end, disheartened and disillusioned of the veracity of our sworn enemies, we trundled back to Huola.

The other recent incident that illustrates the vitiated state of the Amarr militia was a short chat I had with the irascible Mystical Might in Auga local. Now, I must admit that I have a special fondness for Mystical. His name is both memorable and condescending, and he is perhaps one of the few pilots that I know of in faction warfare that is probably hated just as much by his own militia as he is by his enemies. This slippery fellow has an uncanny ability to stay alive, take names and kick ass, as exemplified by his 20:1 kill-to-death ratio. He also has a penchant for flying shiny, deadly ships (Talos, Cynabal and Machariel come to mind). And for those reasons, I respect him as a PvP pilot, if less so as an honourable human being. But this is Eve, no one cares about honour here. However, I digress. I'd not seen Mystical out and about much (one reason why I solicited him in local), and thought I'd check in (this is an approximation, as I forgot to copy the real conversation):

Edna Ironsides > Mystical!
Edna Ironsides > How you been?
Mystical Might > Not too bad.
Edna Ironsides > Not seen you around lately, beginning to miss you
Mystical Might > Meh. I haven't felt the urge to undock much lately
Edna Ironsides > That is a truly sad thing to hear from an Eve pilot
Mystical Might > It is indeed a very sad state of affairs
Edna Ironsides > I would hope that this is only a temporary state and soon you will be reinvigorated with the urge to smite someone
Mystical Might > I hope so too
Edna Ironsides > Well, I wish you luck
Edna Ironsides > Toodles

At which point I jumped out of system. The point is that Mystical had articulated a general trend that we the Minmatar have been observing in the Amarr. They just don't have the "oomph" that they had barely a month ago. In the last week, 5 Amarrian systems have fallen to our militia's forces (Tararan, Sosan, Roushzar, Oyeman, Ashged), and resistance to our occupation has been token at best. I for one, am rather disappointed, as I am here to PvP, and I've not been getting my fix (a sentiment I know is shared by my colleagues), and I hope that this dip in opposition is only temporary, and that lasers shall be wailing on my shields again soon.

Signing off,


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